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Welcome to my heart's desire. I started this journey in 2010. I've come to understand that no United States-based fan organization is currently operating--or if there is, it's well under the radar. Well, that's just wrong. So it is that I'm taking on the challenge of calling all fans and enthusiasts in the States to join me (yet again) in creating a new online group where we can discuss and share and show that yes, there is interest in the United States! If you would be interested in this new project, please contact me at and let's see what we can create!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Talkin' Carthage Blues

I just read a post by the wonderful Kanta Devi, who is on her way to the festival in Carthage.  I replied, "Enjoy yourself for me too, Kanta. This time I actually scraped together the funds to go...only for the American State Department to STRONGLY advise me not to go to Tunisia! I wish I were kidding. Anyway, let me be there through you! Many hugs and much love!"

So here I am, an American citizen, with the will and the means to travel to Carthage for a watershed musical experience, and I will not be there because my government deems it unsafe.  All right, I understand that the situation for travelling Americans isn't ideal, but shouldn't it be my own choice?  Me, personally, I can blend in anywhere, and I've already done so in the past.  I don't want to rock any boats.  I just want to hear some great music.

Where's the visa for the internationally aware?

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Jarre Fanatic? Join Us!

I've said before that often's the time I feel like the lone dedicated Jarre fan over here in the wild frontier of the New World.  Well, I've learned that even if that is the case--and it can't be, right?--my mission with this blog and other efforts is to create a place in the Ethersphere where there are no continental divides or political borders.  I'm here to celebrate Jarre and I bet you are too.

To that end, I'm opening up Magnetic Fields Forever to contributors.  All you need is a love of Jarre's music, an interest in Jarre the man, and the willingness to share your thoughts.  Contributors will be able to get an official e-mail account, .

Additionally, I've begun a Magnetic Fields Forever page on Facebook, where my plan is to gather information and postings that happen to come my way.  You are invited to join.  I would also be happy to share admin privileges!   Find us at .

Thank you, and pleasant dreams of electronic seduction!

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Serious? Committed? You Bet Your Aerobooty!

Magnetic Fields Forever has just gone from being yet another blog to having a real identity complete with tech sophisticated address.

This site can now be accessed through !

If this isn't a sign of my renewed commitment and interest, I don't know what such a sign could be.

Sunday, June 30, 2013

...and Emilie wanders back into the fray...

Be afraid.  Be very afraid.  Not only am I back at this blog type thing but my mind is percolating with fresh ideas and new confidence.  Notice that in spite of my prolonged absences (still not as long as the time between albums of new music from Jarre, however) I have never abandoned this project.  I'm feeling more like the lone fan out on the savage frontiers of the New World than ever, even though I've made great friends from elsewhere on this planet who have supported my lonely outpost.

I do have a good anecdote, though.  Back in February I had to take my laptop in for some minor repairs.  As I was talking with the tech guys (sweeties) I remembered I had to eject disc 2 of Essentials and Rarities from the machine.  The guys were completely in love with the physical disc, cleverly designed to look like a vinyl record.  You'd think it was the most fascinating innovation since the laptop itself!

Okay, so here we are.  Let's see how things go this time.  Peace!