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Sunday, June 5, 2011

Euronews Partnership

For the first time in its history, euronews is becoming a partner with a major figure of the music world to create a unique alliance between an international news channel and a world-renowned artist.

An extraordinary alignment of the stars must have brought about this surprising, yet natural joining of forces. The international news channel, euronews, and the world-renowned musician, Jean Michel Jarre, have decided to work together to cover a series of events, uniting their respective talents and know-how.

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euronews and Jean Michel Jarre gravitate in similar directions, using the strength of images projected on the international stage. They also share common roots in the city of Lyon where Jarre was born and where euronews was established in 1993.

euronews will now accompany the artist on his European and global tours in the coming years.

The channel will be covering the release of Jean Michel Jarre's albums, including the upcoming "Essentials & Rarities," available as of Monday, 30 May 2011.

euronews will also participate in Jarre's European tour which will soon take him to every corner of the continent

Jean Michel Jarre and the teams of Euronews are exploring a whole range of collaborative projects on themes such as innovation in images, sound, the media and emerging technologies.

No Comment Live at the concert in Monaco

euronews will give a live, exclusive broadcast of the concert by Jean Michel Jarre for the wedding of H.S.H. Prince Albert II of Monaco and Charlene Wittstock on 1 July. The show will be rebroadcast on a special edition of the channel's emblematic programme, "No Comment Live," and on all of its media platforms. From the event preparations to the live concert at Port Hercule and the ceremony, euronews will for the first time in its history create a real media event with complete coverage of the princely wedding. The build-up in the week before the celebration and highlights including the concert will be detailed in an upcoming press release by the channel.

About the partnership, Jean Michel Jarre said, "I always watch euronews during my frequent travels around the word. I genuinely appreciate the channel and feel a close connection with the values it defends: pure information, without distortion, factual analysis and a comprehensive perspective on the world. For me, it is an incredible resource for sharing and a platform for my European projects."

Michael Peters, Managing Director of euronews, explained, "The contact with Jean Michel Jarre has convinced us that an international news channel like euronews can venture into new territory by creating such an original partnership. We have found a synergy in the uniting of two different worlds and euronews is proud to accompany Jean Michel Jarre and his team on their worldwide audio-visual explorations."

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