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Sunday, May 29, 2011

From The Jelling Festival

Jean Michel Jarre, scene, Jelling Music Festival, Sunday 29th May

He is now a tragicomic figure him Jean Michel Jarre.

As the Frenchman appeared in Gl Vrå in 2002, sat all 1000 cars stuck in the mud of North Jutland, and when visionaries who headlined closed Jelling with a midnight concert, stood just a few thousand of the 50,000 festival wellies left in the South Jutland slipped.

The site was abandoned after three days of rain heavy hardships, and those who were to experience eccentrics, spurting the water for a few mud smeared sneakers because they found out that Jarre behaved like a lunatic scientist who had swallowed a glass of Prozac.

No blinding

The veteran show closed airspace over Jelling because of his laser light was a threat to flight safety, but blinding was the few rays now not straightforward, and it is probably doubtful that alarmism could have many garden birds to roam uncertain of its wings. Rather, it was a threat to good taste.


Although the somewhat Altmodisch and quite completed scenography possessed a certain geeky charm, so you can not say the same about music.

A bygone era

62-year-old Jarre has a few catchy themes, but his New Age-like naivete of a bygone era sounded hopelessly obsolete, and if we compare with Kraftwerk, the electronic composer does not match the Germans' cool format and different classic sound.

Jelling Music Festival anno 2011 was despite the circumstances actually a tolerable game, though neither will be remembered for Jarre, his idiot good tones or long neon tubes, but for rain, rain and again rain.

Jean Michel Jarre is famous - and infamous in the North - for its spectacular concerts, and after the mud disaster in Gl Vrå in 2002 is now mad again with visionaries from Lyon.


Sunday, he is headlining the Jelling Music Festival, and because of the Frenchman's intense laser light, which appears to be a hazard to flight safety, so close the air space just above Jelling two hours Sunday evening in a "corridor of 18 times 18 km.

- There sits a man out of Billund Airport and directing aircraft around Jelling, says festival spokesman Thorkild High to Ekstra Bladet.

The third biggest

Jelling Music Festival over the years has evolved into the country's third biggest festival after Roskilde and Skanderborg, and there are only few partout tickets back to the year edition.

25,000 spectators will over the weekend could see Liam Gallagher's new band Beady Eye, and among many others LOC, Nik & Jay, Black Sun and not least Jean Michel Jarre.

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