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Welcome to my heart's desire. I started this journey in 2010. I've come to understand that no United States-based fan organization is currently operating--or if there is, it's well under the radar. Well, that's just wrong. So it is that I'm taking on the challenge of calling all fans and enthusiasts in the States to join me (yet again) in creating a new online group where we can discuss and share and show that yes, there is interest in the United States! If you would be interested in this new project, please contact me at and let's see what we can create!

Monday, May 2, 2011

My Jarre Project--What Am I Up To?

After a few weeks of wondering and puzzling and trying to figure out what the hell I'm looking to do with all of this, I've decided to buckle down and share what's going on in my head. After all, getting other people interested is at the heart of this whole enterprise, and it's tough to raise interest without some clue as to how and why. So here we go.

1) Cultural Rehab for the United States

All right, now I'm aware that Jean-Michel Jarre isn't exactly stoked about performing in the States. And he's right--his music and stage shows aren't exactly what your average American is looking for as far as entertainment. What I've observed living in the United States is that relatively few people are ever exposed to Jarre, but those that get a taste quickly become devoted fans. Once people know him, they love him. So the question really is, "How do we introduce Jean-Michel Jarre to the widest possible audience?"

In the absence of a fan club type organization in the States (so far as I know) I'm stepping in to mobilize Jarre fans with the major objective of bringing at least one show to our shores. However improbable, the only way this goal is impossible is if no one bothers to try.

2) The "Jarrechives"

This one might prove a little easier. Essentially, I'm looking to gather all articles and other media about Jean-Michel Jarre into one online archive--or as I put it, "Jarrechive". Through these writings we all get a better feel for Jarre the person, not to mention his life has made for some very interesting reading. I've already begun by searching for online articles and bringing them together on my blog, but I'm inviting everyone to contribute. All languages are welcome (we can find willing translators). You can send links, texts, or other media to me at . All contributors will be included among the Jarrechive supporters as part of the project.

Personally I'm excited!

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