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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ten Things I Learned From Watching The "Equinoxe 5" Video (more humor)

10) Great hair disguises a multitude of sins.

9) If you play a synthesizer on the beach long enough, a horse will suddenly appear.

8) Create a hypnotic image for your album cover and it will follow you everywhere.

7) Sometimes there's just no escaping the 1970's.

6) Run the same few seconds of film over and over and maybe no one will notice.

5) If you've got good eyes, flaunt them.

4) Only a blessed few people can make synthesizing sexy.

3) Elevator shots always end up being interesting.

2) Synthesizer set ups can appear in any natural setting.

1) If you're going to hallucinate, do it to your own music.

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