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Monday, April 11, 2011


One might think that being whole in mind and body is enough to keep the specters of self-doubt, insecurity, and vulnerability far enough away as to never present a problem.  I can tell you now that it's not the case.  Oh, it'd be nice, sure, but then I would be another person living another life.  As it is, I'm swept up by my emotions as much as by any other tide, but it's just another part of being the woman I am.  I wouldn't dream of switching places with anyone.

I definitely keep my feelings on some matters to myself.  These are the elements so deeply ingrained in me.  Here, I have felt something I understand only as love since I was a child.  To live with love for nothing specific but what has been made in the ether has proven well worth the odd stares and questioning glances (no wonder I keep this to myself).  Perhaps here was the foundation created in sound and sense and love upon which I have built the rest of my creative life.  If this is true, I have yet another debt owed to music.

Lately I have felt it penetrate the steel in my soul.  I have been lifted up and away, taking my place in the universe and embracing earth as a star goddess of love.  I hear and I understand.  This is music to empower the goddess within, to inspire me to love all life and our home, to encourage me to reach out to others and give them this great charge.  If this is my life's work, I will fight to stay strong and sure.  Stirring sounds raise such a joy within.

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