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Friday, April 15, 2011

Music For Goddesses (also at

Note: The following might start sounding uncomfortably unusual and a little too New Age.  This however is not the main gist of the post, so please bear with me.
Music and spirituality have always complemented each other.  Ever since I began to lead my first "circle" almost twenty years ago, I knew that using just the right music in our efforts to attune with the universe was the difference between mild success and a soulful bonding experience.  I turned to the composer who had given me the transcendental experience of a lifetime with his music.  This is how I first brought Jean-Michel Jarre into our circle, so to speak, and encouraged my companions to open ears, heart, and soul to what this particular music can do.
Like two lovers in an embrace, the match was sublime.  Even as we worked to let ourselves soar, Jarre's music lifted us, spun us around, showed us our world from a new perspective.  To this day it's difficult to explain, which is why I often invite people into our monthly circle to experience the fantastic dance.  Jarre has never written to keep his listeners in their seats, near to boredom.  There's an essential undercurrent as raw and primal as the beat of the heart.  Here is mechanical music with a drive and a passion, a seemingly limitless sequence of sounds and harmonies combined with the created magic of the synthesizer.  In our case, the presence of this music was very much something like finding the divine within.
And so it has been that I have suggested Jean-Michel Jarre's works as ritual music for other circles and for the circles that have spun off of mine.  For so many of us, the music epitomizes what we try to do through ritual and meditation.  It comes on as an entity so much larger than ourselves, but then takes us up and leads us through a universe of joy.  The music is the essence.
Today I've been calling Jarre's work "Music For Goddesses".  It's an instructive experience, showing us how to look at ourselves and how to like what we see.  With each piece we experience we become stronger within ourselves and stronger in our place in the universe.  Personally, I can't imagine how my own spiritual development would have turned out if I hadn't had Jarre's music.  I can say nothing stronger than this is Music For Goddesses, and for our little corner of the world, it has enabled us to believe nothing is impossible.

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