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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pranic Priestess Needs New Lifeforce

The irony.

Even as I've been talking and explaining and teaching others how to tap into the living energy of the universe I've been losing my own--or the quality of it, anyway.

Sure, there are remedies, but nothing so strong as the pure essence of the sounds that have been at the heart of my life.  It simply pours into me, joining body, mind, and soul, and giving me the feeling of existing at full power and capacity.  I am lifted away from this shell, leaving behind the complexities of repair and ascending into a stratosphere of my own creation.  I am healing, but also I am allowed to experience the wonder that awaits me at the end of this (yet another) long road.

Mark me.  I will overcome this, too.  My spirit is too strong to quit.

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