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Monday, April 25, 2011

Unlikely Material for a US Standup Comedienne

Une petite histoire drôle en hommage à la coiffure de JMJ...

On est début juin et la 1ère partie de l'In Door Tour est terminée. Jean Michel est chez son coiffeur pour une -petite- coupe de routine.
Le ciseau virevoltant nerveusement sur l'imposante tignace brune, José, le coiffeur du musicien s'active.
- Quand je pense à tout votre armada de synthé que vous trimballez à chaque fois, c'est dommage qu'il y ait des pannes à chaque concerts. Comme avec votre harpe laser à Bruxelles.
- Mmmh, approuve laconiquement Jean Michel.
- De toutes façon, ces pannes devraient être moins fréquentes puisque vous révisez constamment les machines.
- Mmmh!
- Et puis d'où viennent toutes ces pannes? s'interroge José.
- Difficile à expliquer!
- Elles reviennent souvent en plus, panne par-ci, panne par-là, panne, panne, panne...
- Pourquoi me parlez-vous sans arrêt de ça? Demande soudain Jean Michel agacé.
- Parce qu'à chaque fois que je prononce le mot "panne", vos cheveux se dressent sur la tête et c'est plus facile à couper.


About Jarre's "hairstyle"... 

It is early June and the first part of the In Door Tour is over. Jean Michel has gone to his hairdresser for a tune-up.

Jose, the hairdresser, is obviously nervous, and so he decides to engage his renowned client in conversation.

"When I think of the armada of keyboards that you drag with you every time you tour," Jose says, "it's a real pity you have so many failures in concert. Like what happened with your laser harp in Brussels."

An almost irritated grumble can be heard from Jean-Michel.

"Well, in any case, you'll be fixing these problems.  You must check over your equipment all the time!"

Another grumble.

"So why do you have so many problems playing live, anyway?"

"It's hard to explain!"  Jean-Michel snaps.

"I mean it's like your problems are getting worse--this failure here, power failure there, and on and on..."

"Why do you have to talk endlessly about it?" Jean Michel asked, completely annoyed.

Now Jose smiles.  "Because every time I utter the word 'failure', your hair stands on end and it's easier to cut."


At 40, Jarre looked 20. At 60, he looked 40. How would he look in light years?

People need oxygen to live. Some labels also.

Jarre did one album that sold one copy. Even Cindy Sander has not done better.

The problem with keyboards curves is for those with square fingers.

When Jarre wants a break from playing too much, he spends time creating MIDI files.

Gilbert Becaud calls himself the man to survive 100,000 volts, but he still won't shake the hand of Jean Michel Jarre.

Jarre is not more famous than the Pope by accident. He works miracles regularly. For example, each new place that Jarre plays becomes the most beautiful place in the world. That's the magic of the show.

Being a fan of Jean Michel Jarre at 18 today is about as easy as being a vegetarian and working as a butcher.

Teo and Téa is the record I want played at my funeral. I know it won't be worn out.

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