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Friday, April 15, 2011

Words of Melody

One tribe
One heart keeping tempo
Life on Mother Earth
Join now in a ring of lights
Constellation Mankind
Sparkling blue orb
Spinning through anything's possible
Joy in the returning sun
Return to joy in one another
Celestial, terrestrial, humanity
"Respect for the rights of others
Is peace"

Color drops against fresh green
Revel in this time of glitter
Angel feathers brush on a crisp wind
The suntide heart beats in every light
Promises made and kept and made anew
Join hands in the shining circle
To be loved, love
Hints of spice and sugar
Hold fast, for suntide is yours
Embrace and be one with the warmth
Take flight into the rays of hope

Every inch a symphony
Drink of the lips I call my salvation
No cold nor heat only starscape thought
Lying sacred next to me
A Great Rite of our own kind
All this silence yet so much within
Did I earn this embrace?
Every inch quivering
Welcome home, weary one.

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