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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Private Minefields

About Geometry of Love (2003): "The album cover image is a pixelated photo, tilted 90 degrees to the left, of the pubis of Isabelle Adjani, Jarre's girlfriend at the time."

We all know the cliches when cliches are all that's left to us.  Is monogamy monotonous?  Are paramours perfect?

For a force of natural love I'm not terribly interested in romance.  In my eyes, romance is fake and intrigue is cruel more often than not.  When the music speaks, however, even I have to put down my cynicism and feel the sexual shift of the earth.  And then it makes perfect sense.

This isn't any heavy metal power ballad.  Let me share.

Adjani is an award-winning French actress who had been engaged to Jean Michel Jarre for a brief period.  She chucked him after discovering he'd been cheating on her.  According to Adjani, she misjudged Jarre to be a faithful lover.  She uncovered "incontrovertible proof" that Jarre was having an affair with another unnamed actress.  "I'm leaving him. I believed in him and I was wrong."

Jarre vowed to her that she was the woman of his dreams, but when she approached him with her suspicions he was having an affair, he eventually confessed.  Adjani believed that Jarre's duplicitous behavior was responsible for the failure of his first two marriages plus numerous other relationships.
Tough luck.  It must be hard to live with your ex-lover's pubic area adorning the cover of one of your albums.

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